Support Lifecycle

The support lifecycle of the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator is governed by the MongoDB Support Policy, where the Kubernetes Operator is considered an “extension to Ops Manager”. The following dates are derived from this policy and are published here for guidance only. These dates might be subject to change.

Kubernetes Operator Version End of Life Date
1.17.x TBD
1.16.x 2023-02-02
1.15.x 2022-11-16
1.14.x 2022-09-21
1.13.x 2022-07-26
1.12.x 2022-04-20
1.11.x 2022-03-09
1.10.x 2021-12-30
1.9.x 2021-09-13
1.8.x 2021-07-06
1.7.x 2021-07-01
1.6.x 2021-04-13
1.5.x 2021-01-28
1.4.x 2020-09-13
1.3.x 2020-07-30
1.2.x 2020-05-21
1.1 2020-04-23
1.0 2020-03-15