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Upgrade the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

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  • Upgrade using Kubernetes
  • Upgrade using OpenShift

The following procedure outlines how to upgrade the Kubernetes Operator to its latest version.


In Kubernetes Operator 1.20, the container registry changed for the application database image and the images use a new tag suffix. When you upgrade the Kubernetes Operator, the Kubernetes Operator automatically updates the earlier suffix, -ent, for all images that reference the new container registry to -ubi8 or the suffix set in MDB_IMAGE_TYPE or mongodb.imageType.

For example, the Kubernetes Operator changes to

To stop the Kubernetes Operator from automatically updating the suffix, set MDB_APPDB_ASSUME_OLD_FORMAT or mongodb.appdbAssumeOldFormat to true. For example, you might want to stop the automatic suffix change if you're mirroring this image from your own repository.

The following steps depend on how your environment is configured:

The following steps depend on how your environment is configured:

To troubleshoot your Kubernetes Operator, see Review Logs from the Kubernetes Operator and other troubleshooting topics.


If you need to remove the Kubernetes Operator or the namespace, you first must remove MongoDB resources.

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