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MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

Plan your MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator Installation


This section is for single Kubernetes cluster deployments only. For multi-Kubernetes cluster MongoDB deployments, see Overview.

Use the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator to deploy:

  • Ops Manager resources

  • MongoDB standalone, replica set, and sharded cluster resources

To deploy MongoDB resources with the Kubernetes Operator, you need an Ops Manager instance. Deploy this instance to Kubernetes using the Operator or outside Kubernetes using traditional installation methods. The Operator uses Ops Manager API methods to deploy and then manage MongoDB resources.

Review the architecture of the custom resources in the Kubernetes Operator: the Ops Manager and the MongoDB database.
Review compatible versions of Kubernetes, OpenShift, MongoDB, and Ops Manager.
Container Images
Review container image details.
Single- or Multi-Kubernetes Clusters
Decide whether to set up single or multiple Kubernetes clusters for your custom MongoDB resources.
Set Deployment Scope
Set the scope for the Kubernetes Operator deployment by configuring which type of namespace the Kubernetes Operator should use.
Review Kubernetes Operator deployment scopes and other preparation information.
Review the prerequisites before you install the Kubernetes Operator.
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