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MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

Ops Manager Architecture in Kubernetes

MongoDB Ops Manager, or its cloud-based counterpart, Cloud Manager, is a required component for any Enterprise MongoDB deployment. Ops Manager automates, monitors, and performs backups of MongoDB databases. As shown in the following diagram, the MongoDB Ops Manager consists of:

  • The Ops Manager Application, which is the main Ops Manager component and the front-end UI application.

  • The Application Database, which is the backing MongoDB database for Ops Manager.

  • The Backup Daemon, which is the component supporting the Ops Manager Application in backup and restore processes.

The Kubernetes Operator supports deploying Ops Manager and its underlying Application Database on a single or multiple Kubernetes clusters.

A multi-cluster deployment of the Ops Manager Application and the Application Database in different zones, regions, or cloud providers increases availability and improves resilience in case of disaster situations. To learn more, see Multi-Cluster Ops Manager Architecture.

Use the following resources to help you learn about and deploy the Ops Manager Application and the Application Database using their CustomResourceDefinitions in the Kubernetes Operator:


Deploy Ops Manager Resources


MongoDBOpsManager Resource Definition