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The MongoDB Kafka sink connector requires MongoDB v3.6 or later.

The MongoDB Kafka source connector requires MongoDB v3.6 or later.

If you are using MongoDB v3.6, the connector can only listen for changes on collections. If you need the connector to listen for changes on a database or deployment, you must use MongoDB v4.0 or later.


We recommend that you only use the MongoDB Kafka Connector with an official version of the MongoDB server. We cannot guarantee it functions correctly with any other version.

The MongoDB Kafka Connector requires Confluent Kafka Connect v2.1.0 or later. It's tested against Apache Kafka v2.3 and later. You can use the Kafka Connect service with several Apache Kafka compatible platforms including the following:

  • Confluent Platform v5.3 or later

  • Microsoft Azure Event Hubs

  • Red Hat AMQ Streams

The connector works directly with Kafka Connect. The connector does not connect directly to a Kafka cluster which means it's compatible with any Apache Kafka platform that supports Kafka Connect.

If you have any questions about the connector, ask them on the MongoDB Community Forums.

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