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Install the MongoDB Kafka Connector

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  • Overview
  • Install the Connector on Confluent Platform
  • Install the Connector on Apache Kafka
  • Download a Connector JAR File

Learn how to install the MongoDB Kafka Connector. The MongoDB Kafka Connector is available for Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka deployments. To see installation instructions for your deployment type, navigate to one of the following sections:

Click the following tabs to see instructions for how to install the connector on Confluent Platform:

  1. Locate and download the uber JAR to get all the dependencies required for the connector. Check the reference table to find the uber JAR.


    If you are unable to use the uber JAR or prefer to manage your own dependencies, download the JAR that contains the minimum required dependencies and resolve any runtime dependencies. You can use a plugin such as Maven dependency:tree to generate the dependency tree.

  2. Copy the JAR and any dependencies into the Kafka plugins directory which you can specify in your plugin.path configuration setting (e.g. plugin.path=/usr/local/share/kafka/plugins).


If you intend to run the connector as distributed worker processes, you must repeat this process for each server or virtual machine.

You can download the MongoDB Kafka Connector source and JAR files from the following locations:

Kafka Connector GitHub repository (source code)
Maven Central repository (JAR files)

You can identify the contents of the JAR files by the suffix in the filename. Consult the following table for a description of each suffix:

The uber JAR that contains the connector, MongoDB dependencies, and Apache Avro
Contains the minimum requirements for the connector and Confluent Platform
Contains the Javadoc documentation for the connector classes
Contains the source code that corresponds to the compiled connector classes

For example, mongo-kafka-connect-1.3-all.jar is the uber JAR for the version 1.3 connector.

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