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MongoDB Kafka Connector

Migrate from Kafka Connect MongoDB

Use this guide to migrate your Kafka deployments from the community-created Kafka Connect MongoDB sink connector to the official MongoDB Kafka connector.

The following sections list the changes you must make to your Kafka Connect sink connector configuration settings and custom classes to transition to the MongoDB Kafka sink connector.

Make the following changes to the configuration settings of your Kafka Connect deployment before using them with your MongoDB Kafka connector deployment:

  • Replace values that include the package at.grahsl.kafka.connect.mongodb with the package com.mongodb.kafka.connect.

  • Replace your connector.class setting with the MongoDB Kafka sink connector class.

  • Remove the mongodb. prefix from your Kafka Connect property names. For example, change mongodb.connection.uri to connection.uri.

  • Remove the setting if it exists. If the value of this setting reference custom strategies, move them to the setting. Read the Update Custom Classes section to discover what changes you must make to your custom classes.

  • Replace any property names you use to specify per-topic or collection overrides that contain the mongodb.collection prefix with the equivalent key in sink connector Kafka topic configuration topic properties.

If you use any custom classes in your Kafka Connect sink connector deployment, make the following changes to them before adding them to your MongoDB Kafka connector deployment:

  • Replace imports that include at.grahsl.kafka.connect.mongodb with com.mongodb.kafka.connect.

  • Replace references to the MongoDbSinkConnector class with the MongoSinkConnector class.

  • Update custom sink connector strategy classes to implement the interface.

  • Update references to the MongoDbSinkConnectorConfig class. In the MongoDB Kafka connector, the logic from that class is split into the following classes:

If you have classes that subclass a post processor in your Kafka Connect connector deployment, update methods that override ones in the Kafka Connect PostProcessor class to match the method signatures of the MongoDB Kafka connector PostProcessor class.