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Insert a Document

You can insert a document into a collection by using the InsertOne() method.


Read the Usage Examples to learn how to run this example.

The following example inserts a document in the haikus collection:


Non-existent Databases and Collections

If the necessary database and collection don't exist when you perform a write operation, the server implicitly creates them.

coll := client.Database("insertDB").Collection("haikus")
doc := bson.D{{"title", "Record of a Shriveled Datum"}, {"text", "No bytes, no problem. Just insert a document, in MongoDB"}}
result, err := coll.InsertOne(context.TODO(), doc)
if err != nil {

View a fully runnable example

After you run the full example, you can find the following inserted document in the haikus collection:

"_id": ObjectId("..."),
"title": "Record of a Shriveled Datum",
"text": "No bytes, no problem. Inserting a document. In MongoDB"

For an example on how to find a document, see Find a Document.

To learn more about inserting documents, see inserting documents.


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