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Replace a Document

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You can replace one document with another by using the ReplaceOne() synchronous method or the ReplaceOneAsync() asynchronous method on a collection object.

The following code replaces the first document in the restaurants collection that has a value of "Pizza" in the cuisine field. After the replacement, this document will have a name field with a value of "Mongo's Pizza" and new values for the address and borough fields.

Select the Asynchronous or Synchronous tab to see the corresponding code.

Running either of the preceding full examples prints the following results:

First pizza restaurant before replacement: J&V Famous Pizza
Restaurants modified by replacement: 1
First pizza restaurant after replacement: Mongo's Pizza
Resetting sample data...done.

To learn more about replacing documents, see the Replace Operation guide.

To learn more about using builders, see Operations with Builders.

  • ReplaceOne()

  • ReplaceOneAsync()

  • ReplaceOptions

  • ReplaceOneResult

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