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View Atlas Data Lake Pipelines

You can view all of your Data Lake pipelines through the Atlas UI.


The page displays all the Data Lake pipelines in the project. For each Data Lake pipeline, the service also displays the following information:

Column Name
Pipeline Name
Name of your Data Lake pipeline. Each pipeline can produce multiple datasets. You can expand the name to view the datasets in the pipeline.
Data Source
Source for the data in the pipeline datasets. For data from a collection on the Atlas cluster, this column shows the cluster name, the database name, and the collection name separated by |.
Data Size
Size of data for each dataset.
Last Updated
Date and time when the pipeline ran to extract data for each dataset.

Status of the pipeline. Value can be one of the following for a pipeline:

  • Active - indicates that the pipeline is active
  • Paused - indicates that data extraction for the pipeline is paused
Frequency at which cluster data is extracted and stored for querying.

Actions you can take for each pipeline. You can click one of the following:

  • to delete a pipeline. You can't undo this action. If you delete a pipeline, Atlas Data Lake deletes the datasets, including the data, and removes the datasets from the Federated Database Instances where they are referenced. If you delete a dataset inside a pipeline, Atlas Data Lake removes the dataset from the Federated Database Instance storage configuration where the dataset is referenced.
  • to edit the data extraction schedule for the pipeline.
  • to pause data extraction.
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