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For the current version, see Database Tools 1.9 Changelogs

Changelogs for older versions are available on these pages. Database Tools are compatible with the listed MongoDB Server version and prior MongoDB Server releases.

Release Dates
MongoDB Server Support
Database Tools 1.8.0
August 2023
MongoDB Server (Linux) 7.0
March - August 2023
MongoDB Server 6.3
Database Tools 1.6.0
August - November 2022
August 2021 - July 2022
MongoDB Server 6.0
July 2021
MongoDB Server 5.0
February - March 2021
October - November 2020
July 2020
MongoDB Server 4.4
July 2020

Released 2022-11-03

This release fixes an issue where users without permissions to read config.system.preimages could not run mongodump. This release also fixes issues with installing the Database Tools on Amazon Linux 2 aarch64 and RHEL 8.3 s390x. The Database Tools are now available on RHEL 9.0 x86. We also made several improvements to our testing and release infrastructure.

  • TOOLS-2956 - Use the new notary service to notarize MacOS builds

  • TOOLS-3056 - Add RHEL9 x86 to Tools

  • TOOLS-3185 - Fix TestMongorestoreTxns failure on all platforms when run against latest Server

  • TOOLS-3201 - Add a .snyk file to exclude tests from snyk code analysis

Released 2022-08-19

This release introduces a security enhancement. The tools will interactively prompt for a SSL key password if the corresponding SSL key is encrypted and no password is provided on the command line.

  • TOOLS-2913 - Prompt for SSL key password when key is encrypted

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