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For the current version, see Database Tools 1.9 Changelogs

Changelogs for older versions are available on these pages. Database Tools are compatible with the listed MongoDB Server version and prior MongoDB Server releases.

Release Dates
MongoDB Server Support
Database Tools 1.8.0
August 2023
MongoDB Server (Linux) 7.0
March - August 2023
MongoDB Server 6.3
August - November 2022
Database Tools 1.5.0 - 1.5.4
August 2021 - July 2022
MongoDB Server 6.0
July 2021
MongoDB Server 5.0
February - March 2021
October - November 2020
July 2020
MongoDB Server 4.4
July 2020

Released 2022-07-19

This release mostly consists of build failure fixes, support for new platforms, and tests against server version 6.0. The new platforms are Debian 11 on x86, Ubuntu 22.04 on x86 and ARM, and RHEL 8.3 on s390x. The version of Go driver used by the tools has been updated to 1.10.0.

Released 2022-06-14

This release contains a number of bug fixes and changes. Highlights include support for clustered collections in mongorestore, updating our Go version from 1.16.7 to 1.17.8 to address CVEs, and supported platform updates.

  • TOOLS-3119 - All builds are failing on RHEL6.2

  • TOOLS-3126 - The unit tests for options processing segfault on macOS

  • TOOLS-3127 - The dist CI task is failing on Windows

  • TOOLS-2958 - An index deletion or collMod in the oplog can be applied to the wrong index

  • TOOLS-2961 - The RHEL82 ARM release does not use the correct architecture

  • TOOLS-2963 - Tools are not prompting for a password in many cases where they should

  • TOOLS-3044 - The zip file for tools on Windows contains invalid paths

  • TOOLS-3071- Tools installed by RPM packages to /usr/bin are owned by mongod:mongod instead of root:root

  • TOOLS-2906 - Update Evergreen config to use new merge key format

  • TOOLS-3001 - bsondump should allow documents up to the internal max bson size (16mb + 16kb)

  • TOOLS-3028 - Remove evergreen batchtimes from ZAP

  • TOOLS-3049 - Update the Go version used to build mongo-tools to address several critical and high CVEs

  • TOOLS-3050 - Add Debian 11 to platforms we publish tools packages for

  • TOOLS-3095 - Remove Ubuntu 14.04 from CI and release platforms

  • TOOLS-3104 - Add tests for 5.3 to evergreen

  • TOOLS-3105 - Pin Go driver to version 1.9.1

  • TOOLS-3106 - Remove tests for 5.1 and 5.2 for most platforms

  • TOOLS-3108 - Update mongorestore to support clustered indexes

  • TOOLS-3116 - Change Windows build to run on windows-vsCurrent-large

Released 2022-02-03

This release fixes an issue where inserting large documents with mongorestore or mongoimport could cause extremely high memory usage (TOOLS-2875). It also fixes a few minor bugs.

  • TOOLS-2745 Tools don't support setting retryWrites=false in URI parameter

  • TOOLS-2983 Some error messages for conflicting URI/CLI arguments are misleading

  • TOOLS-2875 Limit the BufferedBulkInserter batch size by bytes

Released 2021-10-12

This release fixes an issue where certain config collections which should generally be ignored were included by mongodump and mongorestore. This release also ensures that any operations on these collections will not be applied during the oplog replay phase of mongorestore.

  • TOOLS-2952 Filter config collections in dump/restore

Released 2021-08-10

This release includes support for the loadbalanced URI option, which provides compatibility with MongoDB Atlas Serverless.

  • TOOLS-2863 cs.AuthMechanismProperties is not initialized when mechanism set by --authenticationMechanism

  • TOOLS-2937 Set loadbalanced option in db.configureClient()

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