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For the current version, see Database Tools 1.9 Changelogs

Changelogs for older versions are available on these pages. Database Tools are compatible with the listed MongoDB Server version and prior MongoDB Server releases.

Release Dates
MongoDB Server Support
Database Tools 1.8.0
August 2023
MongoDB Server (Linux) 7.0
March - August 2023
MongoDB Server 6.3
August - November 2022
August 2021 - July 2022
MongoDB Server 6.0
July 2021
MongoDB Server 5.0
Database Tools 1.3.0 - 1.3.1
February - March 2021
October - November 2020
July 2020
MongoDB Server 4.4
July 2020

Released 2021-03-17

This release includes various bug fixes. Particularly notable is TOOLS-2783, where we reverted a change from 100.2.1 (TOOLS-1856: use a memory pool in mongorestore) after discovering that it was causing memory usage issues.

  • TOOLS-2796 mongotop_sharded.js failing on all versions of the qa-tests

  • TOOLS-2815 Development build artifacts accidentally uploaded for versioned release

  • TOOLS-2584 Restoring single BSON file should use db set in URI

  • TOOLS-2783 Mongorestore uses huge amount of RAM

  • TOOLS-704 Remove system.indexes collection dumping from mongodump

  • TOOLS-2801 Migrate from dep to Go modules and update README

  • TOOLS-2802 Make mongo-tools-common a subpackage of mongo-tools

  • TOOLS-2805 Add mod tidy static analysis check for Go modules

  • TOOLS-2806 Migrate mongo-tools-common unit tests to mongo-tools

  • TOOLS-2807 Migrate mongo-tools-common integration tests to mongo-tools

  • TOOLS-2808 Migrate mongo-tools-common IAM auth tests to mongo-tools

Released 2021-02-04

This release includes support for PKCS8-encrypted client private keys, support for providing secrets in a config file instead of on the command line, and a few small bug fixes.

  • TOOLS-2751 Deferred query EstimatedDocumentCount helper incorrect with filter

  • TOOLS-2760 rpm package should not obsolete itself

  • TOOLS-2775 --local does not work with multi-file get or get_regex

  • TOOLS-2779 Add --config option for password values

  • TOOLS-2013 Support PKCS8 encrypted client private keys

  • TOOLS-2707 Build mongo-tools and mongo-tools-common with go 1.15

  • TOOLS-2780 Add warning when password value appears on command line

  • TOOLS-2798 Add Amazon Linux 2 Arm64 to Tools

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