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For the current version, see Database Tools 1.9 Changelogs

Changelogs for older versions are available on these pages. Database Tools are compatible with the listed MongoDB Server version and prior MongoDB Server releases.

Release Dates
MongoDB Server Support
Database Tools 1.8.0
August 2023
MongoDB Server (Linux) 7.0
March - August 2023
MongoDB Server 6.3
August - November 2022
August 2021 - July 2022
MongoDB Server 6.0
July 2021
MongoDB Server 5.0
February - March 2021
Database Tools 1.2.0 - 1.2.1
October - November 2020
July 2020
MongoDB Server 4.4
July 2020

Released 2020-11-13

This release includes a mongorestore performance improvement, a fix for a bug affecting highly parallel mongorestore instances, and an observability improvement to mongodump and mongoexport, in addition to a number of internal build/release changes.

  • TOOLS-2744 mongorestore not scaling due to unnecessary incremental sleep time

Released 2020-10-15

This release deprecates the --sslAllowInvalidHostnames and --sslAllowInvalidCertificates flags in favor of a new --tlsInsecure flag. The mongofiles put and mongofiles get commands can now accept a list of file names. There is a new mongofiles get_regex command to retrieve all files matching a regex pattern. The 100.2.0 release also contains fixes for several bugs. It fixes a bug introduced in version 100.1.0 that made it impossible to connect to clusters with an SRV connection string (TOOLS-2711).

  • TOOLS-2587 sslAllowInvalidHostnames bypass ssl/tls server certification validation entirely

  • TOOLS-2688 mongodump does not handle EOF when passing in the password as STDIN

  • TOOLS-2706 tar: implausibly old time stamp error on Amazon Linux/RHEL

  • TOOLS-2708 Atlas recommended connection string for mongostat doesn't work

  • TOOLS-2710 Non-zero index key values are not preserved in ConvertLegacyIndexes

  • TOOLS-2711 Tools fail with "a direct connection cannot be made if multiple hosts are specified" if mongodb+srv URI or a legacy uri containing multiple mongos is specified

  • TOOLS-2716 mongodb-database-tools package should break older versions of mongodb-*-tools

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