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For the current version, see Database Tools 1.9 Changelogs

Changelogs for older versions are available on these pages. Database Tools are compatible with the listed MongoDB Server version and prior MongoDB Server releases.

Release Dates
MongoDB Server Support
Database Tools 1.8.0
August 2023
MongoDB Server (Linux) 7.0
March - August 2023
MongoDB Server 6.3
August - November 2022
August 2021 - July 2022
MongoDB Server 6.0
July 2021
MongoDB Server 5.0
February - March 2021
October - November 2020
July 2020
MongoDB Server 4.4
Database Tools 1.0.0 - 1.0.2
July 2020

This release contains several bugfixes. It also adds support for dumping and restoring collections with long names since the 120 byte name limit will be raised to 255 bytes in MongoDB version 4.4.

The full list of changes is below:

This release was a test of our new release infrastructure and contains no changes from 100.0.0.

  • TOOLS-2493 Cut tools 100.0.0 and 100.0.1 GA releases

This is the first separate release of the Database Tools from the Server. We decided to move to a separate release so we can ship new features and bugfixes more frequently. The new separate release version starts from 100.0.0 to make it clear the versioning is separate from the Server. You can read more about this on the MongoDB blog.

This release contains bugfixes, some new command-line options, and quality of life improvements. A full list can be found below, but here are some highlights:

  • There are no longer restrictions on using --uri with other connection options such as --port and --password as long as the URI and the explicit option don't provide conflicting information. Connection strings can now be specified as a positional argument without the --uri option.

  • The new --useArrayIndexFields flag for mongoimport interprets natural numbers in fields as array indexes when importing csv or tsv files.

  • The new --convertLegacyIndexes flag for mongorestore removes any invalid index options specified in the corresponding mongodump output, and rewrites any legacy index key values to use valid values.

  • A new delete mode for mongoimport. With --mode delete, mongoimport deletes existing documents in the database that match a document in the import file.

  • TOOLS-1493 Tools crash running help when terminal width is low

  • TOOLS-1786 mongodump does not create metadata.json file for views dumped as collections

  • TOOLS-1826 mongorestore panic in archive mode when replay oplog failed

  • TOOLS-1909 mongoimport does not report that it supports the decimal type

  • TOOLS-2275 autoIndexId:false is not supported in 4.0

  • TOOLS-2334 Skip system collections during oplog replay

  • TOOLS-2336 Wrong deprecation error message printed when restoring from stdin

  • TOOLS-2346 mongodump --archive to stdout corrupts archive when prompting for password

  • TOOLS-2379 mongodump/mongorestore error if source database has an invalid index option

  • TOOLS-2380 mongodump fails against hidden node with authentication enabled

  • TOOLS-2381 Restore no socket timeout behavior

  • TOOLS-2395 Incorrect message for oplog overflow

  • TOOLS-2403 mongorestore hang while replaying last oplog failed in archive mode

  • TOOLS-2422 admin.tempusers is not dropped by mongorestore

  • TOOLS-2423 mongorestore does not drop admin.tempusers if it exists in the dump

  • TOOLS-2455 mongorestore hangs on invalid archive

  • TOOLS-2462 Password prompt does not work on windows

  • TOOLS-2497 mongorestore may incorrectly validate index name length before calling createIndexes

  • TOOLS-2513 Creating client options results in connection string validation error

  • TOOLS-2520 Fix options parsing for SSL options

  • TOOLS-2547 Installing database tools fails on rhel 7.0

  • TOOLS-2548 Installing database tools fails on SLES 15

  • TOOLS-1954 Support roundtrip of mongoexport array notation in mongoimport

  • TOOLS-2268 Add remove mode to mongoimport

  • TOOLS-2412 Strip unsupported legacy index options

  • TOOLS-2430 mongorestore: in dotted index keys, replace "hashed" with "1"

  • TOOLS-2459 Allow --uri to be used with other connection string options

  • TOOLS-2460 A connection string can be set as a positional argument

  • TOOLS-2521 Add support for the tlsDisableOCSPEndpointCheck URI option

  • TOOLS-2529 Mongodump outputs new file format for long collection names

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