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You can configure MongoDB Compass settings using a configuration file. Configure settings with a configuration file to maintain consistent behavior between Compass sessions.

Use the configuration file to specify Compass settings and behaviors. For example:

  • If your deployment has strict privacy requirements, you can configure Compass to block outgoing network connections.

  • If you need to restrict what actions users can perform in Compass, you can disable the embedded shell and make Compass read-only.

  • If you have multiple team members using Compass, you can use a common configuration file to ensure a consistent user experience.

  • For macOS and Linux, the configuration file is located at /etc/mongodb-compass.conf.

  • For Windows, the configuration file is located at <path\to\compass>\..\mongodb-compass.cfg.

When you configure settings with a configuration file:

  • You can not modify settings set in the configuration file after startup.

  • You can specify the configuration file in either EJSON or YAML format.

  • To view all available Compass configuration options, run the following command in the folder containing your MongoDB Compass executable:

    <path-to-Compass-executable> --help


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