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Block Outgoing Network Connections

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You can configure MongoDB Compass to not perform outgoing network operations other than those to the database. This lets you configure any edition of Compass to restrict outgoing connections in the same way Compass Isolated Edition restricts connections.


When you block outgoing network connections, Compass can't use third-party mapping services in schema visualizations.

To block outgoing network operations, disable the networkTraffic configuration option. You can set configuration options in either a command line option or configuration file option.

The following command starts MongoDB Compass from the command line and sets the --no-networkTraffic option:

<path-to-Compass-executable> --no-networkTraffic


The name and filepath of the Compass executable depend on your operating system.

You can specify the Compass configuration file in either EJSON or YAML format. The following configurations set the networkTraffic option to false:

{ "networkTraffic": false }
networkTraffic: false

To learn more about the MongoDB Compass configuration file, see Configuration File Settings.

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