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You can toggle the enableDevTools option to control user access to Chrome DevTools on MongoDB Compass. When you enable Chrome Devtools, you can view additional diagnostic or debugging information from the Compass interface.

By default, Compass disables Chrome DevTools.

If you enable any of the following options, you cannot enable the Enable DevTools setting:

  • Set Read-Only Mode

  • Enable MongoDB Shell

  • maxTimeMS

  • Protect Connection String Secrets

You can set the enableDevTools option in either:

  • The Compass Settings panel

  • The command line

  • A configuration file

Settings panel location under the MongoDB Compass system menu

Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts to open the Settings panel:

  • Windows / Linux: Ctrl + ,

  • Mac: + ,


Compass opens a dialog box where you can configure your MongoDB Compass settings.


The following command starts Compass from the command line and sets the --enableDevTools option:

<path-to-Compass-executable> --enableDevTools


The name and filepath of the Compass executable depend on your operating system.

You can specify the Compass configuration file in either EJSON or YAML format. The following configurations set the enableDevTools option to true:

{ "enableDevTools": true }
enableDevTools: true

To learn more about the MongoDB Compass configuration file, see Configuration File Settings.


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