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The General connection tab allows you to select a Connection String Scheme and configure the hostname or hosts used to connect to your MongoDB deployment.

New Advanced Connection Options

You can select one of the following options:

Connection String Scheme
Standard Connection String Format. The standard format of the MongoDB connection URI is used to connect to a MongoDB deployment by specifying its hosts directly.
DNS Seed List Connection Format. The +srv indicates to MongoDB Compass that the hostname that follows corresponds to a DNS SRV record.

In the Host field, enter the hosts or hostname of the server where the deployment is running.

If you are running your deployment locally, this value is localhost. If you are connecting to an Atlas cluster, see Connect to Database Deployment for Atlas-specific guidance on how to connect with Compass.

If you are not sure of your hostname, contact your Database Administrator for information.


When you use the mongodb Connection String Scheme, you have the option to enable a Direct Connection. When you enable this setting, Compass runs all operations on the specified host.


When you specify directConnection and connect to a secondary member of a replica set, your write operations fail because it is not the primary member.



See also:

To disconnect from your deployment, see Disconnect from MongoDB.

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