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Release Notes for mongosync 1.7

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November 9, 2023

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug that caused mongosync to crash when attempting to live upgrade from version 1.6. The bug does not result in modified user data and doesn't preclude the sync from being continued using version 1.7.1.

October 18, 2023

Starting in mongosync 1.7.0, you can upgrade mongosync without restarting data synchronization operations from the beginning. You can only live upgrade from mongosync 1.6.0 or later to mongosync 1.7.0 or later.

For details, see Live Upgrade.

Starting in 1.7.0, mongosync can perform a cross-version migration from a lower major version source cluster to a higher major version destination cluster. You can migrate up to two major versions ahead. For example, you can synchronize a cluster running MongoDB 6.0 with a cluster running 7.0.

Cross-version migration requires additional preparation and configuration when migrating from a pre-6.0 release. To perform a cross-version migration from a pre-6.0 version of the MongoDB Server using mongosync, please contact your account team to inquire about Professional Services.

New Features:

  • mongosync now truncates logged fields that contain more than 1,024 characters.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed bug introduced in mongosync 1.5.0 that may cause ORR to insert capped collection documents out of order. That is, documents on the source and destination cluster may not be deleted from the capped collection in the same order. This bug is only triggered if documents are inserted into a capped collection during migration, before or while the Collection Copy phase is working on the same capped collection.

  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.6 that caused mongosync to fail during initialization if the user specified only an exclusion filter and there were no fully excluded databases.

In 1.7.0, the minimum supported version of MongoDB is 6.0.8 and 7.0.0.

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