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Release Notes for mongosync 1.5

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  • 1.5.0 Release
  • Oplog Rollover Resilience
  • Logging Level
  • Bug Fixes
  • Minimum Supported Version

July 25, 2023

Starting in 1.5.0, mongosync begins to apply changes while the initial sync is still in progress. By starting to apply changes earlier, mongosync maintains a more recent position in the oplog. This adds resilience to long-running operations, mitigates the risk of oplog rollover, and significantly lowers the risk of restarting the sync.

Starting in 1.5.0, the default logging level is DEBUG. To change the logging level, see the verbosity setting.

  • Fixes an issue where very large collections could timeout during mongosync initialization.

  • Fixes an issue where mongosync could incorrectly report indexes as mismatched.

  • Fixes an issue where the /start endpoint would not return an error when passed a sharding object without the shardingEntries key.

  • Changes telemetry to send less metadata to Segment.

In 1.5, the minimum supported version of MongoDB is 6.0.8.

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