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Release Notes for mongosync 1.3

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  • New Features
  • Capped Collections
  • Disable Index Builds
  • Progress Output
  • Bug Fixes
  • Minimum Supported Version

Version 1.3 Released April 13, 2023

Starting in 1.3.0, Cluster-to-Cluster Sync supports capped collections. For more information, see Capped Collections.

Starting in 1.3.0, Cluster-to-Cluster Sync supports disabling non-essential index builds on the destination cluster. This can improve migration performance, especially with index heavy workloads.

For more information, see start.

Starting in 1.3.0, Cluster-to-Cluster Sync includes the mongosyncID and coordinatorID in the progress response documents. This helps determine whether the mongosync instance is serving as a coordinator.

  • Fixes a bug that could cause mongosync to not copy some documents to the destination cluster for clustered collections on replica sets.

Starting in 1.3.0, the minimum supported version of MongoDB is 6.0.5.

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