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Release Notes for mongosync 1.2

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  • Migrating Older Versions of MongoDB
  • Guardrails for Unsupported Versions of MongoDB
  • Collated Collections Issue

Version 1.2 Released February 16, 2023

Starting in version 1.2, mongosync can sync between MongoDB clusters (source or destination) with versions lower than 6.0 for one time migration onto Atlas. This feature requires additional preparation and configuration in clusters with versions lower than 6.0.

If you would like to use mongosync to migrate clusters with versions of MongoDB lower than 6.0, please contact your account team to inquire about Professional Services.


mongosync does not support continuous sync between clusters (source or destination) with versions lower than 6.0.

mongosync now returns an error if you call start to sync clusters running unsupported releases of MongoDB Server.

Fixes bug that could cause mongosync to crash when replicating collated collections.

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