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MongoDB Cluster-to-Cluster Sync

Release Notes for mongosync 1.1

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  • Filtered Sync
  • Unlike Topologies
  • Minimum Supported Server Version

Version 1.1 Released January 13, 2023

Cluster-to-Cluster Sync provides continuous data synchronization or a one-time data migration between two MongoDB clusters. You can use filtered sync to specify which databases and collections the mongosync utility transfers between the source and destination clusters.

For more information, see: Filtered Sync.

Cluster-to-Cluster Sync 1.1 supports sync between clusters with different sharding configurations.

You can sync:

  • Between two sharded clusters

  • Between two sharded clusters with a different number of shards in each cluster

  • From a replica set to a sharded cluster

You cannot sync from a sharded cluster to a replica set.

For more information, see: Sharding Parameters.

Cluster-to-Cluster Sync requires at least MongoDB server version 6.0.4 on both the source and target clusters.

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