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MongoDB Cluster-to-Cluster Sync

Release Notes for mongosync 1.0

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  • Multiple Instances
  • DDL Operations
  • Collation
  • API Improvements

Version 1.0 released July 22, 2022

mongosync 1.0 supports the use of multiple mongosync instances to synchronize sharded clusters.

Each mongosync instance must connect to mongos and start with the --id option or the id setting, specifying the shard you want it to synchronize.

For more information, see Use mongosync on Sharded Clusters.

mongosync 1.0 supports the synchronization of DDL operations.

mongosync 1.0 supports synchronization of collections with collation.

mongosync 1.0 includes improvements to the progress command.

The response to progress commands now includes a canWrite field, indicating whether it is possible to perform writes on the destination cluster.

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