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MongoDB Cluster-to-Cluster Sync


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  • Data Collection
  • Disable Telemetry Collection

By default, mongosync collects anonymous, aggregated usage data to improve MongoDB products. When you run mongosync you can disable collection of this telemetry data.

The data mongosync reports includes:

  • State information when mongosync starts, starts committing, or passes through intermediate states

  • Information about the source and destination clusters and the hardware that hosts the mongosync instance

  • Initialization arguments

  • The number of source and destination writes

  • The estimated number of bytes mongosync copies

  • The estimated number of events mongosync applies

  • The request body sent to start calls

mongosync does not track:

  • IP addresses

  • Hostnames

  • Usernames

  • Login credentials

  • Connection strings

  • Data stored in MongoDB deployments

  • Personally identifiable information (PII)

For more information, see MongoDB's Privacy Policy.

To disable telemetry collection when you start mongosync, set one of the following:

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