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Atlas Kubernetes Operator Changelog

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  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 0.8.0
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 0.5.0

You can find the full list of Atlas Kubernetes Operator releases here.

  • Upgrades the Controller Runtime to v0.11.0.
  • Upgrades Go to 1.17.
  • When you install a cluster using Helm Charts, Helm doesn't exit until the cluster is ready if you set postInstallHook.enabled to true.
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator watches secrets only with the label to avoid watching unnecessary secrets.
  • Supports the annotation for configuring Atlas Kubernetes Operator to skip reconciliations on specific resources.
  • Supports X.509 authentication.
  • Fixes an issue that logged errors for resource deletion.
  • Adds the spec.advancedClusterSpec parameter to the AtlasCluster Custom Resource. The AtlasCluster custom resource now has two main configuration options. You must specify either spec.clusterSpec or spec.advancedClusterSpec. The spec.clusterSpec parameter uses the Atlas Cluster API Resource. The spec.advancedClusterSpec parameter uses the Atlas Advanced Cluster API Resource.


    To migrate an existing resource to use the spec.clusterSpec structure, you must move all fields currently under spec.* to spec.clusterSpec.* with the exception of spec.projectRef.

You can find the images in the following location:

This Atlas Kubernetes Operator trial release lets you manage Atlas projects, clusters, and database users with Kubernetes specifications.

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