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Atlas Kubernetes Operator Changelog

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  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.7.3
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.7.2
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.7.0
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.6.1
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.6.0
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.5.0
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.4.1
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.4.0
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.3.0
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.2.0
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.1.0
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 1.0.0
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 0.8.0
  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator 0.5.0


You can find the full list of Atlas Kubernetes Operator releases here.

  • Moves to its own proxy-role rule.

AtlasProject Custom Resource:

  • Adds the spec.settings.IsExtendedStorageSizesEnabled parameter.

  • Upgrades Go to 1.20.

  • Updates the value of the spec.export.frequencyType parameter of the AtlasBackupSchedule custom resource from MONTHLY to monthly.

  • Fixes connection secret generation for different namespaces.

  • Fixes configuration of automated cloud backup export.

  • Adds Openshift 4.12 compatibility.

  • Supports Kubernetes 1.25.

AtlasProject Custom Resource:

  • A project can now refer to a connection secret in a different namespace with the spec.connectionSecretRef.namespace parameter.

  • Supports multiple private endpoints per a single provider and region.

  • Supports storing all private endpoint connection strings.

  • Fixes an issue with Google Cloud KMS for the Encryption at Rest feature.

AtlasDeployment Custom Resource:

  • Deprecates the autoIndexingEnabled field.

  • Supports snapshot distribution.

AtlasProject Custom Resource:

  • Fixes an issue with an IP access list.

AtlasDeployment Custom Resource:

AtlasProject Custom Resource:

AtlasDeployment Custom Resource:

AtlasProject Custom Resource:

AtlasDeployment Custom Resource:

  • Fixes an issue with connection secret creation.

  • Fixes the minimum version of Openshift.

AtlasProject Custom Resource:

  • Fixes the InstanceSize must match issue.

  • Ensures private endpoints are always added to the status.

AtlasDeployment Custom Resource:

  • Converts the OplogMinRetentionHours field properly.

  • Updates the minimum required Openshift version to 4.8.

AtlasProject Custom Resource:

AtlasProject Custom Resource:

  • Adds support for audit logs. You can enable auditing with the spec.auditing.enabled field. For more information about Atlas Kubernetes Operator auditing, see Configure Audit Logs.

  • Adds support for project settings via the spec.settings field.

  • Adds support for alert configurations via the spec.alertConfigurations field.

AtlasDeployment Custom Resource:

  • Adds support for autoscaling of the instanceSize and diskSizeGB parameters.

  • Fixes an issue where adding an IP address with CIDR block /32 to Network Access could leave the IP Access List inactive indefinitely.

  • Fixes an issue where creating project integrations that require namespace references could result in errors when the user provides a namespace other than the project namespace, or does not provide a namespace.

AtlasProject Custom Resource:

AtlasDeployment Custom Resource:

  • Fixes a resource reconciliation issue that occured when you delete an AtlasDeployment Custom Resource after the API key has expired.

  • Fixes an issue where you could change the instanceSize and diskSizeGB parameters for deployments with autoscaling enabled. To change the instanceSize and diskSizeGB parameters, you must first disable autoscaling.

  • Fixes an error message that returns when Atlas Kubernetes Operator can't delete a project's backup policy or backup schedule.

  • Fixes an issue where the AtlasDeployment Custom Resource was not created successfully when the instance size for a deployed resource changed from M10 to M40.

  • Fixes an issue where creating an AtlasDeployment Custom Resource with advancedDeploymentSpec failed with autoscaling.diskGBEnabled and adds a new AdvancedAutoScalingSpec struct to AdvancedDeploymentSpecChanges.

  • Fixes an issue where you could decrease diskSizeGB for deployments with autoscaling enabled. To change the diskSizeGB parameter, you must first disable autoscaling.

  • Fixes a resource reconciliation issue where the Atlas API returns an empty object for scheduled backups.

  • Fixes an issue where private endpoint connection strings were missing from Kubernetes secrets.

  • Fixes an issue where Atlas Kubernetes Operator didn't remove conditions for unused resources.

  • Adds missing private endpoint fields to Pod conditions.

  • Adds log levels and JSON log output for Atlas Kubernetes Operator. To change the log level, you can provide the —log-level=debug | info | warn | error | dpanic | panic | fatal flag. To change the output format, you can provide the —log-encoder=json | console flag.

AtlasProject Custom Resource:

AtlasDeployment Custom Resource:

  • Upgrades the Controller Runtime to v0.11.0.

  • Upgrades Go to 1.17.

  • When you install a cluster using Helm Charts, Helm doesn't exit until the cluster is ready if you set postInstallHook.enabled to true.

  • Atlas Kubernetes Operator watches secrets only with the label to avoid watching unnecessary secrets.

  • Supports the annotation for configuring Atlas Kubernetes Operator to skip reconciliations on specific resources.

  • Supports X.509 authentication.

  • Fixes an issue that logged errors for resource deletion.

  • Adds the spec.advancedClusterSpec parameter to the AtlasCluster custom resource. The AtlasCluster custom resource now has two main configuration options. You must specify either spec.clusterSpec or spec.advancedClusterSpec. The spec.clusterSpec parameter uses the Atlas Cluster API Resource. The spec.advancedClusterSpec parameter uses the Atlas Advanced Cluster API Resource.


    To migrate an existing resource to use the spec.clusterSpec structure, you must move all fields currently under spec.* to spec.clusterSpec.* with the exception of spec.projectRef.

You can find the images in the following location:

This Atlas Kubernetes Operator trial release lets you manage Atlas projects, clusters, and database users with Kubernetes specifications.

  • Introduces Global and per project Atlas authentication modes. To learn more, see Configure Access to Atlas.

  • Supports installing Atlas Kubernetes Operator clusterwide (all the namespaces in the Kubernetes cluster) or to its own namespace. To learn more, see Quick Start.

  • Introduces the AtlasProject Custom Resource. Use this resource to create Atlas projects and configure their IP access lists.

  • Introduces the AtlasCluster custom resource. Use this resource to create clusters in an Atlas project.

  • Introduces the AtlasDatabaseUser Custom Resource for creating database users in an Atlas project.

  • Allows you to create or update secrets for each database user and cluster. Applications can use these secrets in Kubernetes to connect to Atlas clusters.

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