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MongoDB Atlas Kubernetes Operator

Import Atlas Projects into Atlas Kubernetes Operator

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If you have existing Kubernetes deployments and wish to start using Atlas Kubernetes Operator, you can use the Atlas CLI atlas kubernetes config generate or atlas kubernetes config apply commands to export Atlas projects, deployments, and database users.

Both commands allow you to export your configuration in an Atlas Kubernetes Operator-compatible format for use in the Kubernetes or Openshift cluster on which Atlas Kubernetes Operator runs. The atlas kubernetes config generate command achieves this by outputting a YAML-formatted configuration to your terminal's stdout, while the atlas kubernetes config apply command stores the configuration in memory and sends it directly to a target Kubernetes cluster.

Both commands generate a .yaml-formatted configuration which includes the following Atlas Kubernetes Operator resources:

atlascli exports configurations from Atlas in a format that is version-dependent on Atlas Kubernetes Operator. The following table describes which versions of atlascli support which versions of Atlas Kubernetes Operator:

atlascli version
Atlas Kubernetes Operator versions

The following examples assume a project named sampleProject, with clusters named sample1, sample2, and sample3, a Project ID of 63500d1139dd494b92fe4376, and a target namespace of sampleNamespace.

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