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MongoDB Atlas provides an easy way to host and manage your data in the cloud. This tutorial guides you through creating an Atlas cluster, connecting to it, and loading sample data.

You can get started with Atlas through the Atlas CLI or the Atlas User Interface. Select a tab based on how you would like to get started:

To create and authenticate with your Atlas account, create one free database, load sample data, add your IP address to your project IP access list, create a MongoDB user, and view your connection string using the Atlas CLI, run the following command:

atlas setup [options]

To learn more about the command syntax and parameters, see the Atlas CLI documentation for atlas setup.

For step-by-step instructions on using this command, see Get Started with Atlas from the Atlas CLI.


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You can also run atlas setup if you have an Atlas account and an organization/project, but you haven't set up a cluster.

To get started using the Atlas UI:


Register for an Atlas account using your Google Account or an email address.


Create and deploy a free cluster. You can use Atlas free clusters as a small-scale development environment to host your data. Free clusters never expire, and provide access to a subset of Atlas features.


Manage database users for your cluster. For security purposes, Atlas requires clients to authenticate as MongoDB database users to access clusters.


Manage the list of trusted IP addresses. An IP uniquely identifies a device connecting to a network. In Atlas, you can connect to a cluster only from a trusted IP address. Within Atlas, you can create a list of trusted IP addresses, referred to as an IP access list. An IP accesss list defines the IP addresses that can connect to your cluster and access your data.


Connect to your cluster using the mongosh, the Node.js driver, the PyMongo driver, or Compass.


Insert a document into your cluster using one of the supported MongoDB Drivers. MongoDB drivers let you interact with your databases programmatically with a supported programming language.


Load sample data into your Atlas clusters. Atlas provides sample data that you can load into your Atlas clusters. You can use this data to quickly get started experimenting with data in MongoDB and using tools such as the Atlas UI and MongoDB Charts.

You can also generate synthetic data that aligns to your real data's schema. To learn more, see Generate Synthetic Data.

Build full-text search on top of your data. To learn more, see What is MongoDB Atlas Search?.


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