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This page describes how to deploy a federated database instance for accessing data in an Atlas Data Lake dataset or an online archive.

To deploy a federated database instance, you must have Project Owner access to the project. Users with Organization Owner access must add themselves as a Project Owner to the project before deploying a federated database instance.

Before you begin, you will need:

  • An Atlas Data Lake dataset or an Atlas online archive in the same project where you intend to create the federated database instance.

  1. Click the Create New Federated Database dropdown.

  2. Select Manual Setup.


You can select AWS or Azure. Once your federated database instance is created, you can't change the cloud provider where Atlas Data Federation processes your queries.

We recommend that you select the same cloud provider as the cloud provider that is hosting your data. Atlas Data Lake is currently only available in AWS and you must use a federated database instance hosted in the same cloud as your Data Lake dataset to query.


Defaults to FederatedDatabaseInstance[n]. Once your federated database instance is created, you can't change its name.

  • For a guided experience, click Visual Editor.

  • To edit the raw JSON, click JSON Editor.


To add other data stores for federated queries, see:

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