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You can learn how to set up and query an Atlas Search index with our interactive lab, use-case tutorials or video.

To complete the interactive lab, you must create the following in your Atlas account:

  • A project called MDB_EDU.

  • A cluster called myAtlasClusterEDU.

  • A database user called myAtlasDBUser with the password myatlas-001, and the readWriteAnyDatabase permission.

The following lab teaches you how to create an Atlas Search index with dynamic mapping. Then, you can run a query using the text operator and display the relevance of the matched document with its score.

Click the Launch button in the in-browser Integrated Development Environment to start the lab.

After completing the tutorial, see Operators to learn about the types of queries you can run.

To complete these tutorials, you must have the following:


You can also complete these tutorials with local Atlas deployments that you create with the Atlas CLI. To learn more, see Create a Local Atlas Deployment.


Want more Atlas Search content?

Follow along with this video to learn how to configure your Atlas Search index and run queries from your application.

Duration: 7 Minutes


2: Run Search Queries


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