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Find and View a User

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  • Find a User
  • Filter Users
  • View a User's Devices
  • View a User's Provider Data
  • View a User's Activity Log
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You can specify filters that limit a list of users to a subset of users that satisfy the filter conditions.

When a user connects to your application, Atlas App Services logs information similar to the following:

A detail view for a specific user that lists devices they've used with your app

Logged information includes:

  • The device platform, which will be either an http client ("chrome", "firefox", "phantomjs", etc.) or a mobile OS ("ios", "android", etc.)

  • The platform version.

  • Your app version on the device.

  • A unique device ID.

To view this information, from the list of users, expand any user and then expand Devices.

Whenever a user connects to your application and authenticates using one of the authentication providers you have enabled, App Services logs the provider data.

A detail view for a specific user that lists metadata about them from an authentication provider

You can view this collection of Provider Data from within the list of users by doing the following:

  1. Find a user in the list of users.

  2. Expand the user, and then expand the Provider Data.

App Services logs every request made by each of your App users, including executed function calls. Also, if a function writes to the log using console.log, console.warn, or console.error, these entries will be included within the function's log output.

A detail view for a specific user that shows a log of their interactions with your app

To view a user's request logs, follow these steps:

  1. Select App Users from the left navigation menu.

  2. Under the Users tab, find a user in the list and click on the ellipsis (...).

  3. Click View activity. This will redirect you to a log of requests made by that specific user. You can expand an entry to view details for that request.

  • You can search for users in the Users page of the App Services UI.

  • App Services logs information such as user's connected devices, provider data, and activity log

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