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Enable User Metadata

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  • Navigate to the Authentication Provider Configuration Screen
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  • Configure User Metadata
  • Deploy the Custom User Data Configuration
  • Access User Metadata from a Client Application

Atlas App Services can read user metadata from authentication providers. Then, App Services exposes each user's data in a field of their user object. For example, you might want to access a user's name, email, birthday, or gender.

You can configure App Services to request metadata with the access token when users log in. You can access that data from the logged-in user's object with a client SDK.

You can define the metadata to request when you configure authentication providers. Specify optional metadata fields that you want to access through the user's account. These metadata fields vary depending on provider.

Custom JWT
  • name

  • first_name

  • last_name

  • picture

  • gender

  • birthday

  • min_age

  • max_age

  • email

  • name

  • first_name

  • last_name

  • picture

  • email

  • Custom

JWT authentication metadata is completely customizable. You specify JWT authentication metadata to request when you configure it.

Realm SDKs have different implementations for accessing user metadata in a client application. Check out the details in the SDK documentation:

  • Realm Swift SDK

  • Realm Flutter SDK

  • Realm .NET SDK

  • Realm Node.js SDK

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