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Call a Service Action [Deprecated]

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Third Party Services & Push Notifications Deprecation

Third party services and push notifications in App Services have been deprecated in favor of creating HTTP endpoints that use external dependencies in functions.

Webhooks have been renamed to HTTPS Endpoints with no change in behavior. You should migrate existing Webhooks.

Existing services will continue to work until November 1, 2024.

Because third party services and push notifications are now deprecated, they have been removed by default from the App Services UI. If you need to manage an existing third party service or push notification, you can add the configurations back to the UI by doing the following:

  • In the left navigation, under the Manage section, click App Settings.

  • Enable the toggle switch next to Temporarily Re-Enable 3rd Party Services, and then save your changes.

You can call actions associated with a service from Atlas Functions, including incoming webhooks and triggers, or directly from a connected client application. Each service action is available as a method on its respective service client.


You must configure a service rule that enables an action before you can call it.

The examples in this section demonstrate calling the post() action from the HTTP Service. Each service action follows a similar pattern but has distinct parameters. For details on the parameters and usage of a specific action, refer to that action's reference page.

To call a service action from a function:

  1. Instantiate a service client from function context using the interface.

  2. Call the method associated with the action.

const http ="myHttpService");{
"url": "",
"headers": { "Content-Type": ["application/json"] },
"body": { "msg": "Hello from a service action!" }
.then(() => "Successfully sent the post request!")
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