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Known Issues & Workarounds

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This page contains workarounds for known issues you may encounter while developing with Atlas App Services.


Issue and Feature Tracking

If you have suggestions for the product itself or wish to track existing feature ideas, please check out the official MongoDB feedback site.

Enabling Atlas Device Sync on a newly-created cluster may fail with an error message about parsing the URI. This happens because an SRV record hasn't propagated yet. While we work to provide more helpful diagnostics around this issue, there are two possible workarounds:

  • Wait five minutes, then enable Atlas Device Sync.

  • Unlink and re-link the cluster.

When a Database Trigger tries to process an event that has fallen off the oplog, the Trigger becomes suspended. When a ChangeStreamHistoryLost error occurs, the following description appears in the App logs:

(ChangeStreamHistoryLost) Resume of change stream was not possible,
as the resume point may no longer be in the oplog.

You can restart the Trigger, but the Trigger will not process any events between the last processed event and the time that you restart the Trigger.


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