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Find Your Project or App ID

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The following steps guide you through finding your Project ID, also known as a Group ID.

This procedure assumes you have already created a MongoDB Atlas Project. If you do not yet have a project, Create a Project.

Log into your MongoDB Atlas account to view your projects.


In the upper left-hand corner of your Atlas Dashboard, you'll see a drop-down menu that contains the Organizations you can access. Select the Organization that contains the Project you'd like to view.

Menu showing a list of available Organizations

If you're not already on the Projects page, click Projects in the left navigation menu to view the list of Projects in the Organization.

The left navigation menu with the Projects selection highlighted

The right side of the Project list view contains an Actions column. Click the ellipses icon to expand the Actions menu, and select Copy Project ID.

Expanded ellipses icon showing the Actions menu and the copy

The following steps guide you through finding your App ID.

Before you begin, you will need to create an App. If you haven't already, read the Create an App doc.

Log into your App Services console to view your App Services Apps.


The App Services Admin Console will allow you to view all of the applications you have created. There you can navigate to the dashboard of a specific app. To begin, log into App Services to view your App Services App. Click your App to enter its dashboard.

An overview of all apps associated with an Atlas Project in the UI

Your app ID is used to connect to your App from the Client SDKs. To copy your App ID, click the copy button on the left hand side of your application dashboard.


The UI displays your app name in the top left. When you click the copy button, the UI copies your app ID, not your app name, into your clipboard. For example, the UI would display the name "exampleApp" but copy the id "exampleApp-wlkgs".

The copy app id button in the UI
The location of the copy app id button in the UI
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