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Roll Back Deployments

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  • Overview
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  • View Your App's Deployment History
  • Re-Deploy a Prior Deployment
  • Confirm Rollback Success
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When you view your deployment history, you'll see the 25 most recent deployments. You can use the Re-Deploy button to roll back to one of the last 25 deployments.

A re-deploy rolls back your application's configuration to match the earlier version. It does not modify or re-deploy your hosted files.


In order to roll back to a prior deploy, you'll need to navigate to your App Deployment History page.

Click Deployment in the left navigation menu of the App Services UI. Select the History tab.

You'll see the 25 most recent application deployments. The Change Origin column shows whether the deploy originated from changes in the UI, the linked GitHub repository, the Admin API, or the CLI.

Deployment History screen with App Services, Deployment, and History tabs circled

Selecte a prior version to roll back to and then press the Re-Deploy button for that version of your App.

If you have deployment drafts enabled, you'll see a modal notifying you that this action will replace any changes in your current deployment draft with the app configuration you want to re-deploy. Press the Re-Deploy button to confirm.

You'll see the banner at the top of your App notifying you that you have changes to deploy. Press the Review Draft & Deploy button.

Next, you'll see a Deployment Draft that shows you a diff of the changes you'll apply when you complete this deploy. From here, you can specify a descriptive name for your deploy that will be visible in the Deployment History list.

If you have GitHub deployment enabled, you'll see a Deploy and Push to GitHub button. Push this button to confirm the rollback.

Screenshot of deployment draft with a Deploy and Push to GitHub button

After the deployment completes, you'll see the deployment success banner. The new deployment appears in your Deployment History.

If you have GitHub deployment enabled, it also contains a link to the commit in the GitHub repository.

In the linked GitHub repository, the commit author is the mongodb-realm bot.

Screenshot of deployment changes in GitHub
  • App Services keeps track of your Deployment History. You can roll back to the last 25 deployments.

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