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Disable Deployment Drafts

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  • Overview
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  • Navigate to the Deployment Section
  • Select the Configuration Tab
  • Disable Drafts
  • Confirm Disable Drafts

Deployment drafts are automatically enabled in the UI, meaning all app changes you make in the UI are automatically saved as a draft and you must manually deploy them. This behavior can be disabled in the UI.


Click Deployment in the left navigation menu to navigate to your app's deployment history table.


In the Deployment page select the Configuration tab at the top.


In the Configuration tab, there is a section titled Disable Drafts in Atlas App Services. If you click Disable Drafts here, future changes made in the UI will be deployed immediately without a draft. You will no longer have the chance to review changes before deploying.


This setting will not affect the ability to create drafts in the App Services Admin API.


Click Disable Drafts again in the dialog box to confirm your decision.

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