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Create an App with the App Services UI

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The following steps guide you through setting up a generic App. The term "App" refers to the central App Services backend instance for your mobile or web application.

Before you begin, you must be logged in as a Project Owner in a Atlas account. You can learn more about creating an Atlas account in the Atlas Getting Started documentation.


Go to the Project Dashboard where you want to create the App. Select the App Services tab.


If you are creating your first app in this Atlas project, you will be shown all the template apps available for you to start with, and an option to start without a template (Build your own App).

Modal showing all available template apps to start building from.

If you have already created at least one app in this Atlas project, you can choose between two create buttons at the top right of the App Services tab


You will be shown a dialog where you can configure your App, including the:

  • Application Name.


    App Name Limitations

    Application names must be between 1 and 32 characters and may only contain ASCII letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens.

  • Linked Atlas cluster. If you do not have a cluster in this project, App Services creates one for you and automatically creates a linked data source with the name mongodb-atlas.


    MongoDB Version 4.4 or Higher Required

    In order to use Atlas Device Sync, your Atlas cluster must use MongoDB version 4.4 or higher. When setting up your cluster, select MongoDB 4.4 (or a higher version) from the dropdown menu under Additional Settings.

  • Deployment model.

  • Deployment region.

Click Create a New App.

Upon creation of your App, you will be redirected to the App Services console. App Services creates your app with a Linked Data Source named mongodb-atlas.

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