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Domain Migration

The App Services base URL is being updated from to a new URL:

This change applies to the App Services UI, Admin API requests, and Client API requests through the Atlas Device SDKs.

Starting in the following versions, the SDKs use the new base URL by default:

  • C++ SDK: v1.1.1

  • Flutter SDK: v2.1.0

  • Java SDK: version TBD

  • Kotlin SDK: v1.15.0

  • .NET SDK: v12.0.0

  • Node.js SDK: v12.7.0

  • React Native SDK: v12.7.0

  • Swift SDK: v10.49.2

  • Web SDK: version TBD

The new URL ( is available now and you can begin using it by specifying a base URL in your app configuration. You should also update your domain access lists to allow the new URL.

The old URL ( will continue to work, but will be deprecated in the future. We recommend migrating to the new URL as soon as possible.

To avoid service disruptions, update all Admin API requests to use the new URL ( You can do this now.

While the old URL will continue to work for some time, it will eventually be deprecated.

Begin using the new URL by specifying it as the base URL in your App Configuration. Refer to the SDK docs for details about specifying a base URL:

If you use a domain access list, add the new domain to this list to avoid service disruptions:

If your app uses a local region instead of the global endpoint:

Update the local region domain in your App Configuration's base URL to avoid service disruptions:
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