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Edit an Atlas Cluster

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Atlas Open Service Broker is deprecated. Use the MongoDB Atlas Operator instead.

To modify a deployment's configuration, edit the ServiceInstance resource for a replica set or sharded cluster.

To edit an Atlas cluster, you must have:

  1. The Atlas Open Service Broker installed and

  2. At least one database deployed.

When editing an Atlas cluster through the Atlas Open Service Broker, you cannot:

  • Edit members of your replica sets.

  • Edit members of a shard in your sharded clusters.

  • Change the cloud service provider of your Atlas cluster.

  1. Open the ServiceInstance YAML file for the replica set or sharded cluster that you want to edit in your preferred text editor.

  2. Change or add any settings.

    You can specify additional cluster settings under the spec.parameters.cluster key. These settings correspond to the request body parameters of the Create a Cluster API method.

  3. Save the ServiceInstance YAML file.

  4. Invoke the following command to update the resource:

    kubectl apply -f <SERVICE_INSTANCE>.yaml
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