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In [Atlas] Search of Your Even Better FIFA Dream Team

Published: Sep 11, 2020

Giving your users the ability to find exactly what they are looking for in your application is critical for a fantastic user experience. Now with MongoDB's new Atlas Search, we make that easier than ever. In this demo-heavy stream, we scour the FIFA20 dataset to find the world’s best players with the most impossible-to-spell names to build out our even better FIFA dream team. Autocomplete, wildcard, and filters to find Ibrahimović, Błaszczykowski, and Szczęsny? No problem! 0:00 Introductions - Karen Huaulmé, Principal Developer Advocate - Tom Gleitsmann, Solutions Architect - Marcus Eagan, Atlas Search Product Manager 1:48 Why We Built Atlas Search 4:00 Agenda 5:16 Demo Previews 6:04 Movie Search Engine Demo - Basic Search - Filters - Custom Score Boost on Title Field 10:41 Four (4) Set-up Steps to Use Atlas Search 11:45 Create a Search Index 11:57 When to Use Dynamic vs Static Mapping 15:00 Query via $search in Aggregation Pipeline 16:17 Using the Aggregation Pipeline Builder in Compass to Search for Zombie Movies 18:36 $meta Projection Operator to surface Highlights and Scores 22:26 Using Realm to Create a GET API 26:07 Calling New API from the Front-End to find movies about Indiana High School Basketball 28:53 Finally! FIFA Demo! 32:12 Start Searching for Players Using Wildcard, Autocomplete, Fuzzy Matching - 34:02 Famous Polish Soccer Players - 37:02 The Quest for Jakub Blaszczykowski 40:07 Code for Fuzzy, Wildcard, and Autocomplete Searches 43:54 Autocomplete Index 45:06 Indexes and Analyzers 49:22 Advanced Searches with Filters 53:34 Combining Different Filters in a Search - Country (string), Overall (int) 55:57 Compound Operator for “must”, “mustNot”, “filter”, “should” 57:53 Atlas Search Architecture - Introducing mongot 1:00:04 Search Query Lifecycle inside Application, mongod, and mongot 1:03:13 to join our community and to learn and connect! #MongoDB #Lucene #FullTextSearch #AtlasSearch #Realm #API This is an on-demand video for a Twitch stream featuring Developer Advocate Karen Huaulmé, Solutions Architect Tom Gleitsmann, and Atlas Search Product Manager Marcus Eagan. To watch streams live, follow the channel at Subscribe to MongoDB ►►► Connect with MongoDB: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Linkedin: Instagram: TikTok:

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