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Building and Scaling a CoronaTracker App w/ MongoDB

Published: Sep 02, 2020

Brian H. Hough (UI/UX Lead), Pavel Ilin (CTO & Engineering Lead), Dina Deljanin (Front End Engineer), and Luke Lin (Front End Engineer) join Adrienne Tacke to share how they built their CoronaTracker app! With the power of open source and global community building in mind, this team set out to create an easy-to-use and accessible progressive web application that helps you monitor your wellness and stay informed during the COVID-19 crisis. And they did it! Come join us as they share their story and dive into the details of building and scaling an app during a (well, unfortunately ongoing) pandemic. Subscribe to MongoDB ►►► https://bit.ly/3bpg1Z1 Connect with MongoDB: Website: https://bit.ly/2LjtNBZ Twitter: https://bit.ly/3fH87gR Facebook: https://bit.ly/3fEaIsd Linkedin: https://bit.ly/2SY9w90 Instagram: https://bit.ly/3bn9bDv TikTok: https://bit.ly/3fHoqdJ

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