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Persistence in Unity Using Realm

This article shows how to integrate the Realm Unity SDK into your Unity game. We will cover everything you need to know to get started: installing the SDK, defining your models, and connecting the database to your GameObjects.


Building a Space Shooter Game that Syncs with Unity and MongoDB Realm

Learn how to build a space shooter game that synchronizes between clients and the cloud using MongoDB, Unity, and Realm Sync.


Introduction to the Realm SDK for Unity3D

In this video, Dominic Frei, iOS engineer on the Realm team, will introduce you to the Realm SDK for Unity3D


Getting Started with the Realm SDK for Unity

Learn how to get started with the Realm SDK for Unity for data persistance in your game.


Lessons Learned from Building a Game with MongoDB and Unity

After learning how to build a game in public, see what lessons Adrienne learned while building a game with MongoDB and Unity


Build an Infinite Runner Game with Unity and the Realm Unity SDK

Learn how to use Unity and the Realm SDK for Unity to build an infinite runner style game.

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