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Use Code Effectively in Your Presentations

Learn how to use code effectively in your presentations.


How to Write Compelling Event Submissions

Learn how to write a successful conference pitch: Come up with a successful talk title, develop a compelling abstract, and win over the program committee.


The Art of Creating a Talk

Learn how to put together exciting talks.


Speaker Grant - The Rules

You want to speak at a conference about MongoDB technologies? Great, travel and lodging are on us!


Creating Stunning Slides

Learn how to use the MongoDB slide template to impress your audience with a stunning deck.


Community Speaker Program

Learn more about the MongoDB Community Speaker Program and check out tons of resources on how to become a better speaker.


Surviving the Stage

Learn how to rock the stage at every conference, avoid common pitfalls, and calm your nerves.


Prepare and Deliver Remote Presentations

Presenting remotely is very different compared to staying on stage. We have put together some tips for everyone giving a virtual presentation.

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