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How to Build CI/CD Pipelines for MongoDB Realm Apps Using GitHub Actions

Learn how to build CI/CD pipelines in GitHub Actions for apps built using MongoDB Realm.


Adding Realm as a dependency to an iOS Framework

Adding Realm to a Project is how we usually work. But sometimes we want to create a Framework (could be the data layer of a bigger project) that uses Realm. So... how do we add Realm as a dependency to said Framework?


Using Maps and Location Data in Your SwiftUI (+Realm) App

Learn how to use the new Map view from iOS Map Kit in your SwiftUI/Realm apps. Also see how to use iOS location in Realm, Atlas, and Charts.


Document our Realm-Powered Swift Frameworks using DocC

Learn how to use the new Documentation Compiler from Apple, DocC, to create outstanding tutorials, how-tos and explain how your Frameworks work.


Let’s Give Your Realm-Powered Ionic Web App the Native Treatment on iOS and Android!

We can convert a existing Ionic React Web App that saves data in MongoDB Realm using Apollo GraphQL into an iOS and Android app using a couple commands, and the three apps will share the same MongoDB Realm backend. Also, we can easily add functionality to all three apps, just modifying one code base.


Ep 42 MongoDB Realm Mobile for iOS with Jason Flax

As our series on MongoDB Realm Mobile continues, Shane McAllister returns to help Nic and Michael focus Realm Mobile for iOS in an interview with Jason Flax, Lead Engineer on the Realm team. Jason shares a bit about his background as a mobile application developer before discussing how, and why so many developers are choosing Realm Mobile for their application developer stack. More information on MongoDB Realm Mobile Join the MongoDB Community for Discussions, Q&A and More  

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