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Smart Pill Manager

Smart Pill organizing solution for patients who are being forgetfull and careless.

#About the Project:

This project is based on making life easier by managing pill routines for patients so that it won't be another headache for you and your loved ones.


Nowadays lot of people take pills for their illnesses. but it is common to see that people are skipping pill routines at the prescribed time. Some people may just forget because of their busy life style. some may reluctant to take medicine. some people suffer from visual conditions so that they have difficulties in reading prescriptions. This may not be an issue for some, but this may lead to life threatening situations also. For example, health conditions such as Diabeties, hyper tention, heart attack treatment, cancer chemotherapy needs regular drug intake. Furthermore some of these conditions are more than common in the modern society. therefore we thought to provide a feasible solution for this problem. We proposed this product named as SMART PILL MANAGER which can inform the patients to take pills at the write time and which amount they need to take. Also the device can be used to monitor your other family members too. So you can be their guardian angel hassle-free.

#Why MongoDB?

We wanted a database solution that is a non-relational, easily manageable, highly secured cloud-hosted database. After evaluating some candidates we have chosen MongoDB because its structure of data storing is ideal for our use-case and also it has nice features such as ATLAS web interface, integration with cloud services, configurable security features, etc.

We wanted to separate out data belonging to each device so that we can query according to device and get all the data associated with it in quickly rather than going several tables collecting each data required for a device such as in a relational database.

#How It Works

So basically there's a device which we call as the Smart pill manager. This is where you enter your pills separately into given containers in the device. so that the device will inform the particular patient at the right time so that they can take the pills. Device display will show the number of pills you have to take from the container and also the number will be announced as a audible signal through the speaker. You can enter prescription details through our custom-designed web application. ​ Your device get most recent updated data just after you update prescription data through our web application and just after connecting to the device to wifi. As this device is family-oriented, it can be used by multiple family members at a time. you can configure this through the webapp.

As of authentication method we inserted a fingerprint and RFID to identify who is requesting their pills. After you successfully authenticated yourself each container that contains your medicine will be indicated by an LED and the number of pills that you have to take are informed as audio and visual methods as mentioned before. When you close the container the next container will be indicated to take the pills. each pill routine has a tolerance interval about 4 hours past the scheduled time, after that time pill routine is skipped and the owner of the device (the one who registered under the deviceID in our web platform) will be informed with the name of the patient who skipped their routine.

Tools Used
  • Atlas
  • MongoDB
  • C
  • JavaScript
  • Triggers
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