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Plasma Do - Donate Blood Plasma

Plasma Do App is a Centralize Platform for Plasma Donors & Plasma Recipients. Where donors & recipients will able to connect with each other to fulfill their Plasma requirements.

#About the Project:

Plasma Do is an Android App for connecting Blood Plasma Donors & Blood Plasma Recipients. Here Blood Plasma Recipients need to request Blood Plasma with their respective Blood Group Entered at the time of Registration, then Notification is sent to all the devices where the app is installed. The notification contains the name of the recipient & blood group. An interested donor can contact the recipient by clicking the call button on request. The recipient can also cancel the request anytime & if the request is Fulfilled then the recipient can also set status as completed.


In this world facing the pandemic of COVID-19 with a lack of curing methods, Plasma Therapy has become popular as one of the options for the treatment of patients suffering from COVID-19.

Due to this, many people started requesting Blood Plasma on Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Whatsapp, & Telegram.

I found the problem with this system of Social Media. Because not everyone available on every social media & also finding difficulty for specific blood type, location.

In order to address this problem, I created a centralized Platform as a Plasma Do Android App. Where donors & Recipients can connect by using sorting locations like State, District, City, Pincode.

#Why MongoDB?

It was clear that I was going to use NoSQL Database for this project. So I started Developing App with Firebase Database but while developing I faced difficulty in querying data.

I was aware of the MongoDB Database name but haven't used it before. So I thought of using MongoDB for the First time & then I started looking for Querying data in MongoDB. I was shocked to see that MongoDB offers querying data like Relational Databases. I was very happy about this.

I haven't created any API for App and don't have knowledge of NodeJS or something Similar to it. Then I came to know about 3rd Party Services of MongoDB (Webhook). So developed the entire API using this.

Also had a problem with notification, but then I asked a question about sending FCM using MongoDB on the MongoDB community forums. Thanks to Contributors for answering my question about how to send FCM Notifications, I was able to send Notification Using Database Insert Trigger. Each time a new request is inserted Trigger will send notification using inserted data like name, bloodgroup.

#How It Works

After installing the plasma do app you need to log in/register to use the Plasma Blood app. If you are a new user, you need to create a new account by filling in the correct details in the plasma app.

In the Plasma Do app, you will get an option to request blood plasma. It is simple to request plasma. Just need to click on the request button to request blood plasma. In emergency time you just need to click on the request plasma button.

If you are the donor and want to donate the plasma in this app to any recipient near you, you will directly get the contact number of that plasma requester person. The plasma donor app will help you get in touch with the plasma recipient family members requested in the plasma do app.

Tools Used
  • MongoDB
  • Java
  • API
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