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A web-app that automates group formation for projects/assignments etc..

#About the Project

A web app that automates group formation for projects/presentations/assignments etc. It saves you the inconvenience of asking tens of people simply to form a group. Also letting an algorithm do the matching ensures that the groups formed are more optimal and fair.


Inspired by the difficulty and the unnecessary hassle in forming several different groups for different classes especially during the virtual classes.

#Why MongoDB?

Used MongoDB because the project required a database able to store and query JSON like documents.

#How It Works

The user creates a new request and adds participant names,email-ids, group size, deadline etc. Then the app will send a form to all participants asking them to fill out their preferences. Once all participants have filled their choices (or deadline reached), it will form groups using a algorithm and send emails informing everyone of their respective groups.

Tools Used
  • MongoDB
  • Python
  • Technical
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