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Final Space API

Final Space API is a public RESTful API based on the animated television show Final Space.

#About the Project

The Final Space API is based on the television show Final Space by Olan Rogers from TBS. From talking cats to evil aliens, the animated show tells the intergalactic adventures of Gary Goodspeed and his alien friend Mooncake as they unravel the mystery of "Final Space". The show can be viewed, amongst other places, on TBS, AdultSwim, and Netflix.

All data of this API, such as character info, is obtained from the Final Space wiki. More data such as season and episode information is planned for future release. This data can be used for your own projects such as fan pages or any way you see fit.

All this information is available through a RESTful API implemented in NodeJS. This API returns data in a friendly json format.

The Final Space API is maintained as an open source project on GitHub. More information about contributing can be found in the readme.


During Hacktoberfest 2020, I want to create and maintain a project and not just contribute during the hacktoberfest. Final Space is one of my favorite animated television shows. I took inspiration from Rick & Morty API and tried to build the MVP of the API.

The project saw huge cntributions from developers all around the world and finished the version 1 of the API by the end of October.

#Why MongoDB?

I wanted that data should be accessed quickly and can be easily maintained. MongoDB was my obvious choice, the free cluster is more than enough for all my needs. I believe I can increase the data hundred times and still find that Free Cluster is meeting my needs.

#How It Works

You can fetch the data by making a POST request to any of the endpoints.

There are four available resources:

Character: used to get all the characters.

Episode: used to get all the episodes.

Location: used to get all the locations.

Quote: used to get quotes from Final Space.

Tools Used
  • Atlas
  • JavaScript
  • API
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